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Specialists in Senior Living Centers ….
The team at ProTurf understands the unique needs of senior living centers, their property managers, and their residents. Our team has designed, installed and maintained landscapes for senior centers in the capital district. Our exceptional customer service has built rewarding relationships for property managers. Offering a full-service landscaping solution, we are an ideal choice for the property manager seeking a company with a strong reputation for doing high-quality work, while offering economical property maintenance services.
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Landscaping Services
For over a decade, ProTurf has designed and maintained landscapes throughout the capital region. Working with property owners and managers, we develop solutions for even the most difficult landscape conditions. Our services are tailored to meet the needs of commercial, residential, and senior center properties. Let out team of talented designers, installers, and maintenance staff make your property look its best. We are here to help!

Landscape Design 
•  Our Design Process Begins with Your Needs
•  Working with Your Vision, Property Usage, and Budget, We Prepare
    Master Plan for Your Property
•  Our Design Process Provides You with an Efficient Estimate
•  Projects Range from  Minor Enhancements to Entire Property

Installation & Plantings
•  Our Design & Install Teams Work Together to Install Your Landscape
•  New Lawns & Irrigation Systems
•  Flower Beds & Mulch
•  Plants, Shrubs, & Trees
•  Low-Voltage Lighting

Maintenance Services
Property Maintenance Services Keep Your Property Looking Fresh
•  Our Maintenance Team Provides All the Services You Need to Maintain
    Your Landscape
•  Lawn Mowing & Trimming
Hedge Trimming
Mulching & Weeding

Seasonal Services & Leaf Removal
Our Cleanup Services to Assist you with the Changing of the Seasons
In the Early Spring  and Late Fall We Remove all Debris which have Fallen
    into Your Landscaped Areas
Throughout the Fall Our Team can Remove Leaves from Your Landscape
•  Additionally, Many Customers Request Lawn Aeration and Dethatching

Hardscaping Services
Our experienced design and build team of hardscapers bring the vision have for your landscape to life.  Hardscaping can bring structure and flexibility to your landscape.  Starting with the design process, we work with your vision to deliver an outdoor space which exceeds your expectations.  Let our hardscaping team bring structure and life into your landscape.
Hardscape Design
•  As with All of Our Design Processes, We Begin with the Customer in Mind
•  We Understand Every Hardscape is Unique and Designed to Suit a
•  Our Design Team Works with You, Your Landscape and Your Vision to
    Deliver a Structured Outdoor Space which will Provide Years of Usage

Hardscape Installation
•  Our Team of Installers have the Experience to Work with a Variety of
•  Hardscaping Materials and Techniques
•  Hardscapes Installed Include:
       - Patios, Walkways & Driveways
       - Retaining Walls
       - Outdoor Living Spaces

Hardscaping Repair
•  Hardscapes can Become Damaged due to Roots or Improper Drainage
•  Older Hardscapes or may Degrade or Crumble due to Age of Materials
•  Our Team of Hardscaping Professionals can Detect the Underlying Issue
    and at times Repair the Problem
•  If New Installation is Necessary, We factor the known Issues into our

The Benefits of Hardscaping
•  Our Hardscapes Bring Structure to Your Landscape
•  Pavers, Brick and Stones Bring Years of Durability and Satisfaction
•  Retaining Walls and Terraced Flower Beds Help Level Sloping Terrain
•  Walkways Preserve your Lawn and Landscape
•  Patios & Terraces Provide a Refined Exterior Living Space

Irrigation Services
Our clients understand the value of their landscape, and as a result we have been installing and maintain irrigation systems for over a decade.  A proper landscape design requires watering management.  Our irrigation specialists have the experience and knowledge of our climate to recommend the proper irrigation solutions, as well as providing year-round maintenance services to keep them up and running.

System Design
•   Landscape is Unique, and Watering Needs Differ Based on:
       - Soil Composition
       - Soil Drainage
       - Plant Species
       - Rain Fall & Exposure to Sun

System Installation
•  We can Install in Existing and New Landscapes with Minimal Intrusion
•  Our Team Provides the Experience to do the Job Right the First Time
•  Elements Installed Include:
       - Irrigation Lines, Timers, Pumps & Valves
       - Sprinkler & Misting Heads
       - Drip Irrigation

Sprinkler Maintenance
•  Seasonal Maintenance of an Irrigation System is Essential to Ensure Proper
    Winterization and Spring Startup
•  Our Irrigation Team Provides the Services You Need, Including:
       - Sprinkler Head Tuning & Repair
       - Winterization & Shutdown
       - Spring Startup & System Tuning

Automated /Timed Irrigation Systems
•  Utilizing an Automated Irrigation System Provides for a Vibrant Landscape
    Throughout the Year
•  Irrigation Timers Provide the Flexibility and Peace of Mind for the Property
    Owner when on Vacation or Away from the Property
•  A Properly Designed and Installed Irrigation System can Save Thousands
    in Plant and Shrub Losses, as well as Maintaining Curb Appeal

Snow & Ice Management
For over a decade, ProTurf has served the capital regions snow and ice management needs. We offer a complete snow and ice management service for commercial, office, and senior center properties. We understand your needs are unique, so our solutions are designed to keep you up and running, even during a major snow event. Our services are completely customized to meet the needs of your property while saving your budget.
Snow Shoveling / Snow Blowing
•  Provides Clearing of Sidewalks, Entry Ways, and High Traffic Areas
•  Pay Per Push Service Agreements
•  All Inclusive Service Contracts
•  Emergency Call-Out Service Available
Snow Plowing
•  Provides Clearing of Parking Lots, Street Entrances, and Service Areas
•  Pay Per Push Service Agreements
•  All Inclusive Service Contracts
•  Emergency Call-Out Service Available

Ice Treatment
•  Ice Treatments Can be Applied to All Areas of Your Property to Curb the
    Buildup of Ice, and Promote a Safe Environment for Visitors
•  All Treatments are Done at the Request of Our Clients on a Per-Call Basis
•  We exclusively use Magic Salt®, Client’s may Request Other Agents
•  Treatment Applications are Primarily Charged on a Per Hour/Per Ton

Snow Removal
•  Snow Removal is a Necessity for Many of Our Clients, and as such We
    Have the Equipment to Ensure a Clear and Open Parking Area
•  Working with your Property, We can Develop a Snow Management Plan
    for even the Large Snow Events
•  If Necessary, We can Arrange for Snow Removal from Your Property

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